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Working Papers


  1. How Does AI Improve Human Decision-Making? Evidence from the AI-Powered Go Program
    Sukwoong ChoiHyo KangNamil Kim*, and Junsik Kim
    Conditionally accepted at Strategic Management Journal
    • Award: Winner for the Best Interdisciplinary Paper Award Strategic Human Capital in the SMS 2021
    • Media Cover: MIT IDE Blog, State of AI Report 2021, The Chosun Ilbo (Leading Korean Daily Newspaper)
    • Presented: 2021 NBER Economics of Artificial Intelligence Conference; 2021 MIT IDE Fall Seminar; 2021 Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Business Analytics; 2022 3rd AI and Strategy Consortium; 2022 IP and Innovation (IPI) Seminar; 2022 Wharton Technology and Innovation Conference; 2022 the 1st Wharton/Columbia Management, Analytics, and Data (MAD) Conference
  2. Democracy and Innovation
    Hyungseok YoonNamil Kim, and Christopher Boudreaux*
    First revision invited
    • Anti-Labor Environments and Employee Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Right-To-Work Laws
      Daehyun KimNamil Kim*, and Haemin Dennis Park
      Second revision invited
      • How Digital Platforms Unintentionally Foster Entrepreneurial Activities: The Case of the Staggered Entry of Craigslist
        Daehyun KimNamil Kim*, and Yongwook Paik
        First revision invited


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        1. Standing on the Shoulders of AI: Pushing the Knowledge Frontier by Learning from AI
          Sukwoong ChoiHyo KangNamil Kim*, and Junsik Kim
          • Award: Nominated for the Best Paper Award in the CIST 2023
          • Presented: 2022 Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Business Analytics
        2. How Does AI Improve Human Collaboration and Performance? Evidence from AI-powered X-ray Triage in University Hospitals
          Sukwoong ChoiNamil Kim, and Hyo Kang
          Data Collection After Passing IRB Review
          • Grant: Co-principal investigator, USC Marshall Institute for Outlier Research in Business Grant Program, “How Does AI Improve Human Decision-Making and Performance? Evidence from AI-powered X-ray Triage in University Hospitals” (with Hyo Kang and Sukwoong Choi) (2022-2023) ($19,400)

        Selected Published Papers


        1. Climate impact, institutional context, and national climate change adaptation IP protection rates
          Hyungseok Yoon*, Peter Tashman, Mirko Benischke, Jonathan Doh, and Namil Kim
          Journal of Business Venturing, 2024


          1. Industrial Leadership Changes without Technological Discontinuity: Modularization, Institution-Led Market Discontinuity, and Market Development Strategy
            Kiho Kwak, and Namil Kim*
            Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2022
            • International alliance formations: The role of brokerage in technology competition networks
              Sukwoong ChoiWonjoon Kim, and Namil Kim*
              Journal of Business Research, 2022


              1. Concentrate or disperse? The relationship between major customer concentration and supplier profitability and the moderating role of insider ownership
                Kiho Kwak, and Namil Kim*
                Journal of Business Research, 2020


                1. Do your social media lead you to make social deal purchases? Consumer-generated social referrals for sales via social commerce
                  Namil Kim, and Wonjoon Kim*
                  International Journal of Information Management, 2018
                  • A cross-national study of knowledge, government intervention, and innovative nascent entrepreneurship
                    Hyungseok David Yoon*Namil Kim, Bernard Buisson, and Fred Phillips
                    Journal of Business Research, 2018
                    • Media Cover: Harvard Business Review (French)
                  • The effect of patent protection on firms’ market value: the case of the renewable energy sector
                    Daehyun KimNamil Kim, and Wonjoon Kim*
                    Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2018


                    1. Dynamic patterns of industry convergence: Evidence from a large amount of unstructured data
                      Namil Kim, Hyeokseong LeeWonjoon Kim*, Hyunjong Lee, and Jong Hwan Suh
                      Research Policy, 2015